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What mountains are sacred?

Mount Fuji (Fujisan), 3,776 m heigh, the highest peak in Japan, is the sacred mountain of Shintoists. There is no other mountain that is so often depicted in paintings, postcards, etc. Mauna Kea in the Hawaiian Islands with a height of 4,202 m is a sacred mountain for locals. When measured from its oceanic base, this volcano is the highest peak in the world — over 10,000 m. However, the foot of Mauna Kea is located below the Pacific Ocean. Ancient Greeks considered Mount Olympus in Greece (2,918 m was) to be the dwelling of the gods. Mount Parnassus (a mountain range in Central Greece 2,457 m in hight) was a home for muses. Mount Sinai (the exact location is unknown, and the mount is identified with Jebel Serbal‎ in Egypt (2,637 m)) is sacred for Jews and Christians. They consider this mountain to be the place where Moses received the Ten Commandments from the Lord.

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