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When did the strongest earthquake occur?

The earthquake in Gansu and Shaanxi (China) in 1556 claimed the lives of 830,000 people. The earthquake in Calcutta (India) in 1737 resulted in 300,000 victims. In 1755 in Lisbon (Spain) there were presumably from 60,000 to 100,000 dead. In 1923 in Tokyo and Yokohama (Japan) 143,000 people died and about 1 million were left homeless. Ashgabat (Turkmenistan) earthquake in 1948 killed over 110,000 people. Earthquake in the Tian Shan (North-Eastern China) in 1976 killed more than 655,000 people. In 1985, more than 7,500 people died in Mexico. In 1988 in Spitak, Leninakan and other settlements (Armenia) 25,000 people were killed and the same number was injured. In 1995, in Neftegorsk (North-Eastern Sakhalin) 1,841 people died.

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